Product Details


‘AX100’ this smart lock is a highly secure door lock operated through our mobile phones and do not need metallic keys. Today people spend lakhs of rupees on residential apartments but their door locks need much improvement from the Contemporary Metallic lock. AX100 with its elegant looks, high security aspects, ease of use, convenient features at low cost will be a perfect fit among home buyers and Hotels.

AX100 operates with the help of Bluetooth 4.2 (BLE) and an independent Wi-Fi. The capability of AX100 to function in the absence of internet is an unique selling proposition. AX100 with its advanced features will stand tall among the conventional competitors in terms of value and cost. This product is battery operated and does not need electricity to work on.

The company looks to certify this product from ISO and other international certifications such as C/CE, and the product quality is built to match these standards.


  • Cannot be opened with a screwdriver like a traditional lock.
  •  Monitor who enters and exits the house at the touch of your phone through your AX100 app
  • provide access to your family and Relatives for upto 25 people.
  • Provide controlled access to third parties like servants, cooks etc for a specific time of the day


  • Dont worry about loosing the keys or making duplicate keys for your family
  • Indicates well in Advance when it is time to change the batteries
  •  Emergency charging through Power Bank as well, if battery gets totally drained.
  • Additional Operations through RFID card / KeyFobs when you are not carrying your mobile