AX100 Majestic


  • Use your fingerprint on the handle to unlock the door.
  • The lock is Battery Operated and works without electricity.
  • You can track who accessed your property, the time, and the mode of access in your
    mobile phone.
  • Auto-lock option, where the door is locked just by lifting up the handle.
  • The user can use his mobile phone to unlock the door from anywhere in the house
  • provided he is within wifi range of the lock
  • Can function with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (in the mobile) or Key Fob (stand-alone option)
  • There would be one Owner of the lock who has complete control on the door access
    and activity.
  • Access to multiple people can be provided by the owner of the lock.- up to 25 people
    over mobile, 3 RFIDs and 2 Manual Keys totaling to access to about 30 people at any
    the point in time
  • Access can be revoked anytime.
  • Access can be provided to a specific person for a specific timeframe – Scheduled access.
  • Activity Log – Last 50 access transactions can be viewed in the frontend.
  • The software is hosted and maintained in an encrypted format in a secure server.
  • Elaborate notification mechanism of all transactions on the lock can be activated.
  • Indication of Battery Life will be made available when it reaches the reserve limit.
  • The owner can transfer the complete lock ownership to someone else (like, during a
    sale or renting out)
  • Compatible with both IOS and Android phones.
  • Cannot be tampered with or opened with a screwdriver like a traditional lock, from
    outside the home.
  • The door can be opened or closed without electricity, Home Wi-Fi, or the Internet.
  • Manual keys are provided for usage in emergency situations.
  • Can be customized based on client requirement, for Bulk orders.
  • RFIDs can be added and deleted by the customer anytime.
  • 6 Color choices available: Natural Steel, Black, Elephant Grey, Rose Gold, Gold,
    Copper. (Price may differ slightly based on color choice)