Product Features

Product Features

  • Battery Operated

AX 100 is a battery operated smart lock. The life time of the battery is expected to be over a year. When the battery level reaches the minimum reserve limit,  a notification highlighting the same will be  provided to the user.

  • Sleek, modern and simple to install

AX100 comes in vide range of colours and design. Its sleek and perfect finish is sure to add more value to your modern home.Installation of the lock is very easy making it  convenient and user  friendy.

  • Can function with Bluetooth, Wifi, (in the mobile) or RFID Card / Key Fob (stand alone option)

Not just one but AX 100 offers you with three different ways to operate the lock. In the absence of wifi connectivity ,the lock can be operated through Bluetooth or Key fob.

  • There would be one Owner of the lock who has complete control on the door access and activity

AX100 is manufactured with the core objective of providing your sweet home. Our software enables the  owner to have complete control of the  door access and activity.An activity log is generated for each and every action that takes place with respect to the door lock.

  •  Access to multiple people can be provided by the owner of the lock

The owner reserves the right to provide multiple access to relatives,neighbours  and servant maids in times of need.

  •  Access can be revoked anytime

Just as the owner reserves the right to grant access to people for accessing the door lock, the owner also reserves the right to revoke the user right  that was previously  granted at any point of time.

  • Access can be provided to specific person for a specific timeframe.

A time line to operate the lock can be set beyond which point that specific  person will not be able to access the lock unless modified again by the owner.

  • Activity Log – Last 50 access transactions can be viewed in the front end

The software is designed in such a way that an activity log upto 50 access transactions get recorded for the owner to monitor and control.

  •  The software would be hosted and maintained in a encrypted format in a secure server

A complete secure software server would be maintained in an encrypted format.

  • Elaborate notification mechanism of all transactions on the lock can be activated

A detailed notification of all transactions on the lock can be activated for the user to  monitor the various transactions that has taken place with regard to the lock.

  •  Failed attempts will be instantly notified to the owner of the lock

Any failed attempt in accessing the lock will be notified instantly to the owner. This enables the owner to exercise immediate caution.

  •  Indication of Battery Life will be made available when it reaches the reserve limit

As mentioned earlier AX100  provides the facility to indicate the battery life whenever it reaches the reserve limit.

  • Alarm on Tampering the lock

As a core security measure AX100 is designed to  alert the owner with an alarm whenever a someone tries to tamper  with the lock.

  • . Battery failure can be recharged through power bank and USB

One need not worry about accessing the door lock post a long gap  with the worry of battery getting  drained out.  USB Provision for charging the same is inbuilt in the smart lock itself.

  •  The owner can transfer the complete lock ownership to someone else (like, during a sale or renting out)

At the time of sale or renting out , the owner can transfer the ownership of the lock to the users thereafter.